Welcome to the 911 Security Build & Price page for Drone Detection Solutions.

We have created this interactive form to allow you to ‘build out’ your drone detection coverage and capability requirements, site location request and type, and length of coverage that will give you an estimated ‘price’ based on your selections. Understand that your price estimate, through this form, will be an estimated price range to help you better determine which drone detection solution is best for your site. The Build & Price process is made up of 5 questions and roughly takes 5 minutes to complete.

Your name, company, work email, and physical site address are required to give you the best price estimate. Upon submitting your 5th answer, completing the form, you will receive an automatedcumulative email with your selections, a map of your site’s one-mile radius coverage, and an estimated set of pricesbased on your selections. We have limited our online interactive price and build to one location and coverage restricted to a one-mile radius. We recommend scheduling a call or in person site survey with us if you have multiple locations, want coverage greater than a one-mile radius, if your site has large buildings that could obstruct coverage, and/or have other requests. Schedule a call to discuss pricing for a custom drone detection solution. Talk to an Expert

The 911 Security Price & Build Interactive Form consists of 5 questions that take approximately 5 minutes or less to complete. If at any point you would like to change any of your answers to a previous question, simply click on the ‘edit previous’ button and it will take you back to the previous question allowing you to edit it.

1) Where are you in the process of evaluating drone detection solutions?
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2) Select a type that best describes your site.

Permanent Outdoor Venue

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3) Tell us a little more about your site.

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4) - Select the Service that best fits your needs.

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commitment contracts.

Medium term commitment & service contract.

Ideal for theme parks, resorts, corporate

Long term commitment & service contract.

Ideal for prisons, critical infrastructure.

Own and Manage your equipment by buying

Ideal for emergency response, law enforcement.

Portable equipment can be rapidly
deployed anywhere

5) Select the technology package that best fits your needs.

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